Potential Church Planters

Thank you for exploring church planting in Colorado! Since 2000 Colorado Baptists have been praying everyday at 10:02 am for the Lord of the harvest to send out workers. Since then, this prayer movement has spread all over the country and all over the world. Click here (http://www.namb.net/TenTwo/) to join the national movement.

SBC president Ronnie Floyd, IMB president David Platt, NAMB president Kevin Ezell along with pastors and missionaries throughout the world joined in prayer for spiritual awakening and our missionaries during a live webcast Oct. 2, 2014.

You may be one of the answers to our prayers! Please review the four stages of our planting process. Each stage helps us discover who you are and your readiness to plant in Colorado. We hope this process also helps you discover where you are as a planter and how we can be an effective partner as you follow the Lord into His harvest field.

EXPLORE Church Planting

Welcome to our Colorado church planting process. 

We are so thankful you have chosen to explore church planting in Colorado with us. Completing and returning the documents below is the best way to introduce yourself to our Church Planting Catalysts and our Colorado Baptist churches. Your responses help us understand where you, your family and your sending church is on the church planting journey. We pray these exploratory documents will also help your family see a higher resolution picture of what the church planting journey is all about. 

We believe church planting originates in the heart of God. From there it catches fire in the heart of His churches. We look to Colorado Baptist churches and churches from other states to lead the charge of saturating the people of Colorado with the gospel through church planting. The most effective church plants in Colorado have this in common – they were sent well by a sending church. Their lead planter was mentored and developed well by leaders in a sending church. Colorado has a church planting catalyst for every region of our state to assist and encourage the local church in this God-honoring endeavor. 

Please follow the instructions below: 

  1. Download and answer the 9 exploratory questions. Save the file to your hard drive before filling it out. You can save your work as you go along.

  2. Please provide a resume. 

  3. When complete, email documents to jhoweth@namb.net. The NOCO CoOP Church Planting Catalyst will contact you for an informal first talk.

ENGAGE the Church Planter Process

The engaging stage of this process provides opportunities for us to get to know you more fully. There are several steps here that will require your time and effort. During this phase you are presenting yourself to Colorado Baptist churches and possibly our partners at the North American Mission Board for qualification as a Colorado Baptist church planter. Christ and His Word compels us to set the bar high for those who shepherd His people and show and tell the gospel to a community. We are excited you have made it to this stage but keep in mind church planting is not the place to learn the ropes of church leadership. You and your church may discover you need more development before you plant and we have resources to help so lets engage!

Please click on the Mobilize Me button. You should be redirected to the “Becoming a church planter” page at www.namb.net. When you get there click on the “get started” button and complete the registration.

After you complete your registration you can wait to be contacted by one of our North American Mission Board church planter mobilizers or you may email one of our Colorado church planting catalysts listed at the right and let them know you have completed your registration.

What Happens Next… 
1. A NAMB church planter mobilizer will contact you and get to know your story. They will then connect you with a Colorado church planting catalyst. 

2. Our Colorado church planting catalyst will walk with you through exploratory questions, an initial skills assessment, the application, and the online assessments that have been designed to guide and assist you, your church and your church planting catalyst on your church planting journey. 

3. At some point during this process, you will be asked to submit a photo of you and your family so we can begin to pray for you. You will also be asked to submit a recent sermon in audio or video format. Your Colorado church planting catalyst will let you know when these are required. 

EXPEDITION Into New Territory

Your Expedition In Colorado
This stage of your journey requires planning an expedition. Whether you’re living in Colorado or not you need to get to your potential field of service. Walk the streets and trails. Meet the people. Encounter the culture in your targeted region of Colorado. 

We recommend the following steps before you arrive at your potential field of service: 

  1. Click the button to the right, NOCO Church Planting, to explore places Colorado Baptist Churches are praying for a new church start in Denver and the Front Range of Northern Colorado. 
  2. Check out appropriate Colorado web sites to understand the layout of Colorado. We have resources and tools you can use to help you gather demographic data. Contact your Church Planting Catalyst to inquire about these.  
  3. Secure dates of your trip and share with us so we can work with you to maximize your expedition. 

Assessment To Plant 
At regular intervals we conduct a 2-day assessment. If you’re not living in Colorado you may choose to schedule your expedition during one of these assessment events or choose to complete the assessment through the Baptist Convention in the state you are currently residing. This assessment or the approved equivalent is required to complete the process. To learn more about these assessments talk to your Church Planting Catalyst.

EMBRACE the Church Planter Process

Your journey through the previous stages was designed to confirm God’s call to church planting in Colorado. You and your family now have an even better understanding of what God has been calling you to embrace. The majority of your time in this stage will be spent embracing all that you’ve discovered and translating it into actionable plans.

Below is a list of what is required to plant in Colorado and qualify you for funding through Colorado Baptists:

Colorado Baptists provide these training events to assist you: 

  1. Basic Training for Church Planting (to help you create a master plan and mileposts)

  2. Count the Cost (to help you create a 5-year business plan) 

  3. Churches Planting Churches Training (to equip your sending church and other partners)

The documents on this page should be completed with the assistance of those who are planting with you. This includes your church planting team, your coach mentor, your sending church along with the guidance of your Church Planting Catalyst.

Our prayer is that the journey so far has increased your joy in the Lord and magnified God’s glory on the earth.